With over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world, both nationally and internationally; Career Coach, Greg Dalton holds qualifications in Marketing, Facility Management and Career, Life & Business Coaching.

Greg specialises in working with clients Career Direction and Development. He is the founder of Screen Test and has created, among other coaching programmes, the Talent Discovery & Development Programme™ an innovative concept in career development and guidance. 

He works with both corporate and private clients guiding and assisting them in their effective career, business and life management. Understanding that success only comes to those who enjoy what they do.

Often interviewed and contributes in the national media, most recently a guest on Sunshine & Classic FM.

Greg, has also been a guest on the Gerry Ryan Show,  Ray D'Arcy Show, NewsTalk,  and was the resident Life Coach with ‘On the QT’ with Scott Williams on Q102. 

He writes regularly for and is the featured Life & Career Coach with Ireland’s GLOW* magazine.

Greg works in partnership with CareersPortal and MyFuture+ to help his clients achieve career selection and later career successes in the employment market. 

Greg is an accredited coach with LBCAI. ICI. ICF & IAC and a Certified Practitioner with Thomas International.

Based in Church Road, Greystones, Co Wicklow


We know that 70% of the working population are unhappy in their career and that 40% of students of 3rd level education drop out of college to find alternative career options, to this extent;

We have developed the
Talent Discovery & Development Programme® based on an innovative concept in Career Choice and Development.

In addition to this, we provide.....
  • Career Management
  • Personal Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • School Subject Selection
  • Study Techniques & Planning
  • Degree Selection
  • Career Selection
  • Emotional IQ Assessments
  • 360⁰ feedback Assessments
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • General Intelligence Assessments

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is about you.
People often confuse coaching with counselling.
Coaching, while it is not counselling, it does provide guidance to deal with situations affecting your life, however, it’s your life of the future not of the past.
Coaching deals with your present and provides you with guidance for your future. It looks at where you are today (not where you were yesterday or where you hope you will be tomorrow) and guides you to where you want to get to.

The Past is gone....

There is nothing we can do about our past - we can’t change it. What we can do is to help direct you into the future that you want.
Whether it is in life or career our team of coaches will work with you to attain your goals.
  • When you work with our coach: -
  • You will achieve quicker results.
  • We will provide you with structure, and support.
  • We will help you set clear goals.
  • We empower you to do more than you would have done on you own.
We help you to keep focused on "the stuff that matters" to you. Use this link to get focused on what matters to you.

The Future awaits...

Having identified 'career' as the single most common area causing the most stress and anxiety for these clients.... our Career & Personal Coach, Greg Dalton working in conjunction with medical professionals, has created, among other coaching programmes, the 'Talent Discovery & Development Programme™' an innovative concept in career development and guidance.

Greg works with both corporate and private clients, students and mature adults guiding and assisting them in their effective career, business and life management.

Thanks to the following for their support and guidance

Without the support and guidance of others, it would take you longer, it would be more difficult and you'd probably give up! Always take advice and support from those who can and are willing to help you.