Study 'Smart' Techniques

This On-Line 'Study Smart' workshop will help each participant identify their own learning style and learn how to retain the information in the most efficient way possible for them. Included in this workshop is a personalised Learning Style assessment for each attendee.   i.e. How to study based on your learning style (Visually, Aurally or Kinetically)

This 3 hour workshop will identify their learning skills and styles which will enable them to retain and recall the information more easily when they need to recall it.

Each participant will develop a study timetable for the remaining time up to their exams.

Once participants follow these techniques, we guarantee they will improve their time management, study management and more importantly… Improve their grades within weeks of implementing these techniques for their learning and recall.

Saturday 30th October 2021
10am - 1pm

Places are limited, booking early is advisable.
€80.00 per participant

Previous participants stated:
My son was failing every exam, now achieving over 80% in every exam. Mrs. C. McD.

I went in with very little confidence in my ability to study well and hard, but now I find it easier than ever to focus my mind.
E. H. 5th year student

84% in Economics Geeeettttt Up!
L. R. 6th year student (via text message)