Students career guidance, coaching & Mentoring

up to 40% of 3rd levels students drop out of their 1st choice degree or qualification!

Who at age 17/18 knows what they want to do when they leave school or university? Virtually none of us!

Current guidance offered looks at how many points one can achieve in an exam or set of exams, and then guides them onto a course to help them achieve that qualification!

We have developed, in conjunction with career psychologists, this programme which will identify an individuals personality, interests, their skills around these interests and their capabilities for progressing in to their long term career goals.

How our Career Screening Programme differs and works....

  1. In-depth interview about you, what make you tick and what doesn't
  2. Skills & Interest Analysis
  3. Personality Profiler
  4. Capabilities Analysis
  5. Careers Interest Analysis
  6. Career Sector Analysis
  7. Education Pathways
  8. CV Builder
  9. Personal Action Plan

Our process will identify a students skills, interests, personality or indeed motivation around these skills and interests? 

Our programme not only does this, but challenges the individual in a way which ensures they know they're on the right path for them. We then coach and mentor them, as coaches do in sport, on what they need to do and how they will achieve what they want to achieve, not only in their careers, but in life too.

Our Programme ensures that each person has the opportunity to select the right career for themselves at as early a stage of their lives as possible; an invaluable service for both students and parents/guardians alike.

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We know that 70% of the working population are unhappy in their career and that 40% of students of 3rd level education drop out of college to find alternative career options. To this extent, Greg has developed, in collaboration with career psychologists his Career Screening Programme®, an innovative concept in Career Guidance, Choice and Development.

His programme which will identify an individual’s personality, interests, skills and capabilities, indeed their motivations supporting these skills and interests too.

He then coaches and mentors them, as coaches do in sport, on what they need to do and how they will achieve what they want to achieve, not only in their careers, but in life too.

His programme ensures that each person can select the right career for themselves no matter what stage of life they are at.
Greg holds qualifications in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Education Psychology and Career & Business Coaching; and has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world, both nationally and internationally.

Career GUIDANCE & coaching

Do you find your teenager puts the 'Pro' in procrastination when it comes to study?
Do they struggle with the amount of materials being bombarded into their study routine?
Do they pull all-nighters, cramming as much as you can the night before an exam?

We will work with each student finding out 'how' they learn, how they best recall, then in designing a S.M.A.R.T. manageable strategy for their study plans and exams for their year(s) ahead. 
It will be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time related

Based on what each individual has in terms of learning style, whether they be Visual, Aural, Verbal, no matter what their learning style and capabilities are, we will show them how they learn for their own style. 

  • Simple
  • Goals/Targets
  • Structure
  • Action
  • Review

Working with students since 2003, I specialise in helping them find their own motivators, and how to become both happy & successful.
Regardless of your child’s age, one thing is certain; through this 1-to-1 programme, your child will become more motivated, focused, and disciplined. 
He or she will also cultivate a success mindset, build resilience, and develop a positive attitude for themselves.

We will personally coach your teenager to their own success. 

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