Career Guidance, Coaching, Profiling & Management

The Process/Programme is for people who are looking for direction or change in their career, or those who are unsure of which direction to go with regard to their career choices.

Who is it for?

Students preparing for and the lead up to leaving school or college, Employees who feel they're in the wrong job and indeed Employers looking to recruit the correct candidate for a specific role.

It is a programme of directing people on to a path correct for their personal skills and capabilities, their behavioural traits, goals and values. 

For those who are not attaining personal reward out of their chosen or current career, who are currently in the wrong career, or for students who feel they are on the wrong course or degree, and for students who are trying to decide what career options are available for them. Simply put, It is a voyage of individual discovery, where the individual finds the right career for them.

The process/programme

Commences with initial meeting/interview between the coach and the individual. During the first meeting they discuss in detail, the individuals likes, dislikes, interests, skills and their personality traits. This meeting usually takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Following the initial meeting(s) the next is where we carry out a series of assessments and exercises, identifying their learning style, capabilities, personalities and behavioural traits. These assessments and exercises, are NOT tests, will also give the compatibility of the potential or chosen career with the individual.

The third meeting usually three-four weeks into the programme is where the options are examined and challenged in greater detail. The aim of the third meeting is to confirm the individual’s choices and start the understanding process. The meeting will generally give the individual between 3-5 suitable options for their career progression and/or development.

The programme will also develop a personal ‘business/career plan’ including a personal S.W.O.T. analysis and structure on how they will achieve their career aspirations and goals.

In total, it is a career screening, guidance, coaching and management programme, guaranteed* to help individuals identify the correct career path for them, and then, show them how they are going to get there.

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