Career Guidance, Coaching & Profiling

We know that 70% of the working population are unhappy in their career and that 40% of students of 3rd level education drop out of college to find alternative career options. To this extent, Greg has developed, in collaboration with career psychologists his Career Guidance & Mentoring Programme®, an innovative concept in Career Guidance, Choice and Development.
A 4 x 1 hour Career Guidance Programme for School/College Students
(Ideally for TY, 5th, 6th year and college students)

With qualifications in Educational Psychology, Career & Business Coaching, Thomas International and having developed; in conjunction with career psychologists, this Career Guidance & Mentoring Programme.
We will identify their Personality Traits, their Learning Styles and most importantly, their interests, their skills and capabilities around these interests and their personalities.
This helps identifying what career(s) are most suitable for these students and then showing them how to efficiently manage and progress themselves into their long term careers.

This 4 hours (over four weeks) Career Guidance Programme includes the following: -
  • In-depth interview about them, what makes them 'tic' and what doesn't
  • Skills & Interest Analysis
  • Learning Style Analysis (how they learn efficiently)
  • Personality Profiler
  • Capabilities Analysis
  • Careers Interest Analysis
  • Career Sector Analysis
  • Education Pathways
  • Career Builder
  • Personal Action Plan
Our Programme ensures that each person has the opportunity to select the right career for themselves at as early a stage of their lives as possible; an invaluable service for both students and parents/guardians/teachers alike.

Some frightening statistics*: -

70% of people are unhappy in their career (because they chose the wrong one for them)*(SFA)
40% of students will drop out of college (after choosing the wrong course) *(USI)

For further information please email: or WhatsApp to 087 462 6333
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* (Small Firms Association)
* (Union of Students in Ireland)

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Candidate Profiling
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Skills Assessment
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Stuck in the wrong job?
What Career is suitable for you?
Interests & Skills Analysis
How to change direction?

CV Building
Interview Skills
Afraid of change?
Career Management 


No idea what Career is right for you?

Skills & Interest Analysis

Psychometric Assessment

Learning Styles

Career Identification

Career Planning

CAO Application

Subject Selection

  • An innovative and results focused business and staff coach with a proven track record of transforming teams and organisational operations
  • A trusted advisor to management and staff alike, who devises and builds strategic development plans to optimise performance and profitability.

During these very uncertain times, the COVID restrictions etc,  we need to be aware of our own mental health, along with that of those around us. 
There is help out there, please do not be afraid to ask and talk to someone. 
Some guidance available by clicking here also some excellent FREE training from Ohana ZERO Suicide available by clicking here 

My colleagues in the Greystones Health & Wellbeing Centre are also available for support


What is a Psychometric Test?
Firstly... it is NOT a test! You cannot pass or fail a psychometric assessment; there are no right or wrong answers.
The word Psychometric....
Psycho = Mind
Metric = Measurement
It is therefore a 'measurement of the mind' and in particular its four different traits....

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

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