Can dramatically improve your performance and put you on the right track to reach your goals.
Using a combination of both insight-based and an action based approach.
  • Outcomes tend to be concrete and measurable
  • Counsellor tends to be active and directive
  • With emphasis on the relationship, and a scientific approach.
Action based Counselling,  instead of only focusing on exploration and understanding of presenting complaints (as in insight oriented approaches). Action based approach uses interventions that lead more directly to relief of symptoms by blending action with verbal processing to accomplish specific therapeutic goals.

Action-based approach uses direct intervention and action for symptom reduction. Developing behavioural, cognitive and solution-focused strategies.

Clients learn to revise their personal sense of meaning; see themselves in connection with themselves and others; understand how their actions can have impact on all relationships; define their strengths and build on them.

It centres on helping clients make desired changes in their lives focusing on what the individual client needs.

Therapy emphasizes doing and taking action rather than verbal communication or discussion alone.