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2019 - 2020



Study Techniques & Skills - Saturday, April 18th @ 9:30am

The last push for the Leaving & Junior Certs

We all know some people are known as "straight A students" while other people struggle in school - even though they too are smart!

We too know or have heard of people who didn't finish secondary school, and yet have still found success and happiness in their careers.

We know that people learn in different ways. And no one has a better learning style than anyone else. Some experts say there are as many as seven different learning styles; but it's easier to narrow it down to three types of learning...

We'll call them:

Listening learners
Seeing learners
Touch / experience learners
If we think about one of life's earliest lessons,
often taught by our parents:
The fire can burn or hurt you.
Listening learners heard their parent, believed the information, and never touched the fire.
Seeing learners watched their brother touch the fire, saw it hurt and never touched it.
Experience learners touched the fire... but only once!

How we learn is crucial to how we study and therefore how we retain and recall information.
Our 'Study Smart' workshop will help each participant identify their own learning style(s) and then show them how to retain the information in the most efficient way possible for them.

Each participant will develop a study timetable based on their own learning skills and styles which will enable them recall the information more easily when they require to recall it.

So long as they follow these techniques, we guarantee they will improve their time management, study management and improve their grades within weeks of implementing these techniques for their learning and recall.

The workshop is run during school holidays or on Saturdays so as to prevent missing valuable school time.

Places are limited to 10 so as to maximise learning for all - To book a place Click HERE or contact